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Scalable Software and Solution: 5 Shopify Plus Features You Don’t Have Access to with Regular Shopify

basic Shopify and Shopify Plus
Looking for a scalable software and solution? Shopify is an excellent example and a platform worth trying! Read and discover the 5 Shopify Plus features you don’t have access to with a regular Shopify deal!
Shopify Plus is designed for web established high revenue stores, high-growth stores, brand that requires custom or complex store experience, store owners that aren’t able to focus on running their business because they are using an unstable ecommerce platform, and companies spending money on extra maintenance, licensing fees, HR expenses, technology costs, and more.
When switching from a regular Shopify plan to Shopify Plus, you may encounter certain costs including integration and migration costs. These costs are usually insignificant as business owners regain these costs quickly in savings from upgrading to Shopify Plus platform. You can consult with Shopify team before you make any moves and determine the costs upfront.
Moving from a regular Shopify plan to Shopify Plus comes with numerous benefits. In this article, we will share 5 features that are exclusive to Shopify Plus only:

1. Dedicated platform resources: With Shopify Plus, enterprises and large volume businesses can scale easily. You don’t share a server, instead, you have your own dedicated platform and scaling is never a problem for you. Thinks like Black Friday, Christmas sales, and etc. are no longer an issue for business owners. In other words, with Shopify Plus, you have a peace of mind that your online store can scale without a problem. To see how does it work, click here.

2. Dedicated people resources: You can count on a dedicated support team that is here to help you. You’ll have an assigned support member who can help you get the store up and running and then you’ll be assigned to a Shopify success manager. The manager is here to help you build, design, run, and grow your store. You can contact the support team and they will immediately provide you with a solution.

3. Access to enterprise features: When using Shopify Plus, you’ll have access to enterprise features such as multiple storefronts, additional payment gateway options, wholesale store experience, automation and workflows to get rid of the manual processes, checkout and discount scripts to help you build advanced functionality.

4. Increased customizability: The biggest difference between basic Shopify and Shopify Plus is that you’ll have access to extra customizations. You can count on backend and checkout integrations which can significantly contribute to your store’s success.

5. Cost savings: Shopify Plus offers discounts on fees (transaction fees) especially to those sellers who are using Shopify Payments. If you are on a regular Shopify Plan, and you are doing 300K/month you will definitely save money by upgrading to Shopify Plus. You will get immediate access to enterprise functionalities and benefits.

Shopify Plus
Popular brands such as The Economist, Budweiser, Nestle, Bulova, Red Bull and others use Shopify Plus to run their online stores. With Shopify Plus, you’ll get campaigns, notifications, free apps that automate tasks, and much more. This multi-functional platform gives you more time to focus on marketing optimization, product development, and other strategies that contribute to brand expansion.
From our point of view, we can say that Shopify is the best scalable software and solution out there. It is the best value for the price you pay. There are other enterprise ecommerce platforms that are less expensive on monthly basis, however, you will also get less from them. Shopify Plus is well worth the cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your store to the most scalable platform and accelerate your business growth at its finest!

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